Red Coat Road and Rail (RCRR) is a shortline railroad that operates on 114.5 km of track from Pangman to Assiniboia, SK. It has been in operation since 1999 and was one of the first shortline railroads in Saskatchewan. RCCR was able to purchase the rail line from Canadian Pacific Rail (CP) by selling shares.

Red Coat Road and Rail consists of representatives from communities and rural municipalities adjacent to the rail line, including:  Village of Pangman; Town of Ogema; RM of Norton 69; RM of Key West 70; RM of Excel 71; RM of Bengough 40 and RM of Lake of the Rivers 72.

The historical operator of RCRR was Southern Railway and their current operator is Great Western Railway. During the Southern Railway era, commodities were moved by a Brant truck. Today, product collected along the rail line is taken to Assiniboia and then picked up by CPR.

In 2021, RCRR was able to purchase Ogema Elevator in Ogema, SK. It is now called Red Coat Elevator. In 2023, Red Coat Elevator became organically certified. Conventional and organic grains can be cleaned, stored and loaded at our facility.

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